UAEVATALK: Amendments of the UAE Federal Tax Procedures Law!

The UAE Federal Tax Authority has recently amended a version of the Federal Tax Procedures Law!

These are some of the key changes to the FTP Law. Fun fact, this is the first update since it was first introduced in 2017!

Check them out here!

- Taxpayers now have 40 business days from the date of an FTA decision to submit a reconsideration request. FTA has also 40 days to review the request and issue a response.

- Taxpayer now has 40 days to file an objection to the Tax Disputes Resolution Committee (TDRC)

- It’s no longer required to settle the penalty amount in question while filing an objection to TDRC. Only the tax amount must be settled.

- Taxpayer now has 40 days to file an appeal to the TDRC decision in court

- Taxpayer can now make an appeal to the court upon payment of 50% of the penalties

- An alternative mechanism of objection and appeal will apply if the parties to a dispute are federal or local government entities

- A new Committee will be formed by a future Cabinet Decision, which may issue decisions approving the payment of or partially waiving or refunding penalties.

If you want to know more information about Amendments of the UAE Federal Tax Procedures Law, message us now so we can give you a comprehensive file of the decision!

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