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A 5-minute Commercial License in Dubai

Traditionally it took two days to secure a Commercial License in Dubai, but all that has changed, and now you can get one in five minutes. Dubai Economic Department (DED) instituted their Instant Commercial License as a new service to help busy business owners save time.

Any company that wants to conduct business in the emirate of Dubai must have a commercial license from the DED. Keep reading to learn which companies are eligible for an instant license, the costs involved, the process, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Instant Commercial License in Dubai

Not only is the new instant service quicker, but it also requires less paperwork upfront. Is your

company eligible?


The following organizations are eligible to acquire an instant commercial license from the DED, as long as they don’t require external approval:

· Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”)

· Sole Proprietorships

· Civil Companies

· One Person LLCs


Those that qualify will need a few pieces of information, but the company’s Memorandum of Association (MoA) and the site’s lease contract for the first year are unnecessary. However, those documents must be submitted upon renewal.

Some of the information the DED will ask for when completing the process are details about business activities, commercial registry, the partners and managers, and the trade name. After reviewing your data and issuing payment, you’ll receive the trade license. It should only take you about five minutes to complete.

Once you have the license, there are a couple of other optional services. You may want to request an establishment card from the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs, or if you’re an LLC, issue an electronic MoA. These are both optional.

When you’re ready to renew your trade license in a year, you’ll be able to do it automatically by sending your license number via SMS text message to 6969.


The easiest way to file for your commercial license in Dubai is on the DED website. If you go this route, ensure you have a Dubai ID SmartPass or UAEPass.

If you prefer to complete the process in-person, visit a Service Centre, or the Happiness or Smart Lounge in the Business Village near Deira Clock Tower in Dubai. You’ll need at least one business partner present, a copy of all license partners’ passports, a copy of your residency visa and No Objection Certificate from the sponsor for foreign partners, and/or a copy of your visit visa for foreign partners.


The market fees cost Dh3,000, but if you’re adding the license to an existing licensed location, there won’t be any additional charges. Keep in mind that some activities have special fees. For example, Investments and general trade both cost an additional Dh15,000

Is there something we didn’t cover? Contact the Dubai Economic Department at or 600 545555 to learn more.

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